About John Penrose & his work

John comes from an artistic family, including the famous surrealist Sir Roland Penrose, and is a member of Surrey Sculpture Society, Oxford Sculptors & Bicester Sculpture Group. He has exhibited widely with these and other groups and has sold his work extensively. Many editions have been sold out and John’s work can be found in private collections across the country. His depictions of animals, dancers and birds have proved very popular with a wide range of clients.

His creativity has focused primarily on figurative subjects in foundry bronze, stone and bronze resin. He enjoys both modelling and carving, particularly, in stone where the beauty of the material is so vital in the finished work.

John creates original work in modelling wax and has a silicone rubber mould professionally made from which casts can be created in a variety of materials. Bronze Resin is the most commonly used and this is a combination of polyester resin with bronze powder which is set into a permanent solid form using a catalyst. The outer skin is then pure bronze which can be finished in patinas of varied colours protected by coats of wax. The final finish is suitable for keeping out of doors and should last many years.