My first activity in sculpture was through wood carving and this has developed into a greater interest in working in natural stone. I have attended a number of courses on stone carving and find this a very satisfying medium to work in. It is unusual for a sculptor to work both in clay, using build-up techniques, and also in stone where the process is taking away material from a solid block. However, stone carvers frequently make a maquette in clay to provide a model to use in the reduction process.

Here are several examples of my work in stone.

Polar Bear

Price: £450
20cm High 10cm Wide 15cm Depth
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Canine form

Price: £350
Cornish polyphant stone
15cm High 23 cm wide
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Barn Owl in Stone

Price: Approx £600 (to be agreed)
This was a commission to carve a Barn Owl in Ancaster stone. Similar pieces can be commissioned to order
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Price: This piece is sold but similar work is in progress
Cornish Polyphant soapstone
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