All the sculptures shown in this section are for sale, unless the edition is stated as sold out. The current prices for purchases direct from the website are shown together with dimensions, materials used, & remaining edition numbers still available. Prices in galleries or public exhibitions may be higher where commission is payable. Delivery will be free within 50 miles of Henley-on-Thames & will be quoted for locations further afield.

Many of these works were created originally in response to a commission request & John is happy to discuss potential for a commission if you have a subject in mind.

Snowy Owl

Price: £350
Marble Resin
8/10 available
Height 45cms
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Price: £350
Bronze Resin
17/20 remaining
Height 40cm Width 10cm
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Price: £275
Bronze Resin
14/20 remaining
Height 50cms
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Yoga Girl

Price: £575
Foundry Bronze
2/10 remaining
Height 18cms
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Price: This piece is sold but similar work is in progress
Cornish Polyphant soapstone
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